The "Righteous" Demo

by Severe Bass & the Bad Decisions

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Completely DIY Demo from San Francisco-based Punk/RAWK power trio Severe Bass & the Bad Decisions. Recorded and mixed during the first four months of 2015.

Contact to set up shows, get free stickers, or just to be friendly!

(Download the whole album and get "Ants" with the Extended Death March intro!)


released April 25, 2015

All songs except for "Sluttering" written by Anthony Severo
"Sluttering (May 4th)" written and originally performed by Jawbreaker. Used with permission from Adam Pfahler (he's the best)

"The Righteous Demo" was recorded at our SOMA practice space in San Francisco, and produced/mixed entirely by Anthony Severo using REAPER. It was his first time doing this with a full band, so please be nice.

Severe Bass is:
Anthony Severo (electric bass & lead vocals)

The Bad Decisions are:
Steve Bealey (guitar and backing vocals)
Robert Morse (drums)


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Severe Bass & the Bad Decisions San Francisco

Bad jokes and Electric Bass. Preferably distorted.

I also like yoga, food, and the internet.

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Track Name: Ants
Queen and Worker, hand in hand
Searching for their promised land
One on top, valiant knight
But only one will win the fight
Scaling walls, making tracks
Prepare yourself for the next attack
Once was mine will now be theirs
Battle continues, who really cares

Ants all are marching
Ants all are fighting
Standing up to them
Now they start biting
Come on now insects
Lend me your ears
Desperate and vicious
Throw down yer fears

All Around Me Ants x 4

Makes his way across the plain
Courageous efforts are in vain
Stand up strong, I will prevail
Throw my enemies straight to hell
Try to beat me, they have to best
My kingdom waits for their nest
Slow and sure, they will not win
Destroy them and eat Mexican!

Long hard fight now comes to end
From this plain, souls are sent
They stand as one, united in life
One by one they take the knife
Victory for all who’s left
But never again will I best
Destroying me and my kingdom
Fuck you insects and all who bring them
Track Name: FU Santos
Fuck you santos
You don't know Jesus
And if there was
He'd be Jewish
You're no holy man
Just wanna make some cash
So fuck you Santos
And fuck your pedo-stache

Piece of Shit
Such a phony
Turn it down
You fucking clown
Or I'll shut you off

I. Know. You.
And I can see. Right. Through.
Your phoniness

Fuck you Santos
You don't know Jesus
Cuz if you did
He'd hate yer music
Yer no religion
Yer just a goddam cult
So fuck you Santos
Now turn your music off

Music Sucks
Yer outta luck
I'm fed up
With your bullshit
Lie and lie
just go and die
Under a bus!

I have fought far too long
Not to
Be Victorious!

Fuck you Santos
Yer whole life's a fraud
You rip people off
In the name of God!
Youve got no substance
Just smoke and mirrors
So Fuck You Santos
I can't be clearer

Fuck you Santos
Fuck you Santos
Fuck you Santos
Now get out my house
Track Name: German Girl
Sun was shining
Adrenaline was rising
Rent a stick for a quetzel
Followed dreams for so long
No quiero regresar al mi casa
Entonces ella dije

Don't know what was said
Just wanted to go to bed...with the

Beautiful German Girl
Don't remember your name
Skin like satin
With a sexy fuckin accent
What was your name?

Skies opened up
And lightning struck
The peak appeared
Looking down the path
Of volcanic ash
The earth how it bled

We took picture after picture
Regret I never kissed her

Beautiful German Girl
Could not pronounce your name
Eyes of vixen
And she knew what she was missin
How do you say your name?

Rains pouring down and down and down
Lava's waiting on the ground
Nature has hit so profound
Awestruck, can't make a sound

CuzI want it
I want it all
Sexy Ladies
And volcanoes
Well I want it
I want it all
Hot german chicas
And rock n roll

Well I want it
I want it
I want you

You beautiful German Girl
What the fuck was your name?
You really should have slept in Antigua
You coulda come home w. me